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Company Agenda - Increasing Productivity

This year the Joint Stock Company "P. Varkojis ir Ko" from Kurmaičiai, which exports about 70 per cent of its timber production to Holland, England, and Germany, has been focusing on increasing work productivity through introduction of new equipment and technologies. A multi-functional robot was assembled and is being used; rennovation works on dye-house are also being completed. 

Pellets from Lithuania

Since no chemical additives or adhesives are used in production of pellets, it is eco-friendly fuel. They are made 100 % of wood. To this date, of all eco-friendly fuels, pellet fuel is the type of fuel that protects environment the best. Fuel pellets are produced from debarked wood chips, shavings and chips that are milled, dried, and formed into 8 mm cylindrical pieces. No additives nor adhesives are used in production of pellets. They are completely made of wood.

What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?

ATHP (Association of Timber House Producers) has unambiguous recommendation – choose wooden windows. Plastic windows are not suitable for a log house not only due to their appearance, but also due to a variety of wood and plastic physical properties. Since manufacturers in Lithuania today offer different kinds of wooden windows, it is very important to make the best choice.

Warm Windows Help To Save On Expenses

Ugnė Šaltenytė, “Vakarų ekspresas”, January 2012. In autumn and winter, when harsh seaside winds start blowing through, one comes to the resolution to change the windows of an apartament with the new ones that keep the warmth inside better.
The JSC “P. Varkojis ir Ko,” which has a lot of experience in wood production, is ready to advice and offer a wide range of practical options.

Quality - The Guarantee For A Long Life

Agnė LEKAVIČIENĖ, newspaper "Palangos tiltas", 29 11 2011
JSC "P. Varkojis ir Ko“ started its operation in 1994. "Constant expansion and rapidly changing technologies create not only a high added value but also ensure jobs to 120 people. We have been trying to prove that we are the best for seventeen years already.

Maintenance Instruction

Windows is the building construction that performs most functions. The window should keep away cold and wind, should transmit light and let fresh air in. Windows have huge influence on the indoor climate. We do not even think of many parts that make a window: the jamb, a frame, glass or glazing unit, hinges, handles, vents, fittings, insulation and sealing matterials. Nowadays, the buyer, considering the window operating area, can choose from the desired window color, insulating glass type, safe window fittings, ventilation accessories, etc.