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  • About The Company

    JSC "P. Varkojis ir Ko" started its operations in 1994. Over the years at the development of production and technology, the staff has grown to 110 workers. For more than 24 years, the company has been producing high-quality wooden windows, doors, beds and wooden garden houses. The company presented its products in more than 20 exhibitions. We produce a variety of sizes and configurations European (EURO 68, EURO 92) and Scandinavian (opening to the outside) windows and doors. All matterials used are certified and comply with their requirements. European and Scandinavian type windows are made from pine wood. Wood blanks are of glued lumber; therefore, there is less deformation of timber shrinkage and expansion, also, there is less probability of distortion, cracks and crevices. Pine wood blanks can be finger-jointed or non finger-jointed. Products can be manufactured according to European (inside), and also Scandinavian (out) standards depending on customer's request.


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  • Demand For Heat From Scandinavia
    Demand For Heat From Scandinavia

    At the end of 2009 the company JSC "P. Varkojis ir Co." started manufacturing triple-pane windows to ensure the maximum level of heat insulation.

  • Company Agenda - Increasing Productivity
    Company Agenda - Increasing Productivity

    This year the Joint Stock Company "P. Varkojis ir Ko" from Kurmaičiai, which exports about 70 per cent of its timber production to Holland, England, and Germany, has been focusing on increasing work productivity through introduction of new equipment and technologies.

  • Pellets from Lithuania
    Pellets from Lithuania

    Since no chemical additives or adhesives are used in production of pellets, it is eco-friendly fuel. They are made 100 % of wood. To this date, of all eco-friendly fuels, pellet fuel is the type of fuel that protects environment the best.

  • Wooden Windows From Lithuania To Those Who Save Heat (92 mm)
    Wooden Windows From Lithuania To Those Who Save Heat (92 mm)

    Our company is the first company in Lithuania to produce 92 mm thick windows.
    For more information, please contact: + 370 445 48 246

  • Warm Windows Help To Save On Expenses
    Warm Windows Help To Save On Expenses

    Ugnė Šaltenytė, “Vakarų ekspresas”, January 2012. In autumn and winter, when harsh seaside winds start blowing through, one comes to the resolution to change the windows of an apartament with the new ones that keep the warmth inside better.

  • Certificate NDVK-RULES
    Certificate NDVK-RULES

    Norwegian door and window control confirms that UAB P. Varkojis ir Kompanija, Lithuania fulfil the requirements according to Norwegian Door - And Window Control.

  • Maintenance Instruction
    Maintenance Instruction

    Windows are the building construction that performs most functions. The window should keep away cold and wind, should transmit light and let fresh air in. Windows have huge influence on the indoor climate. We do not even think of many parts that make a window: the jamb, a frame, glass or glazing unit, hinges, handles, vents, fittings, insulation and sealing matterials.

  • Windows Create Cozy Home
    Windows Create Cozy Home

    Jūratė and Pranas Varkojai, who produced their first machine loom themselves and founded JSC „P. Varkojis ir Ko“ in 1994 in Kurmaičiai near Kretinga, better than anyone else know the reason why windows, doors and furniture make the house more cozy, and also help people live healthier and be happier.

  • Quality - The Guarantee For A Long Life
    Quality - The Guarantee For A Long Life

    Agnė LEKAVIČIENĖ, newspaper "Palangos tiltas", 29 11 2011
    JSC "P. Varkojis ir Ko“ started its operation in 1994. "Constant expansion and rapidly changing technologies create not only a high added value but also ensure jobs to 120 people. We have been trying to prove that we are the best for seventeen years already.

  • What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?
    What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?

    ATHP (Association of Timber House Producers) has unambiguous recommendation – choose wooden windows. Plastic windows are not suitable for a log house not only due to their appearance, but also due to a variety of wood and plastic physical properties.