Wooden Windows From Lithuania To Those Who Save Heat (92 mm)

  • Glass thickness 48 mm (4*18*4*18*4);
  • The thermal conductivity coefficient of insulating glass is 0.53 W (m2K);
  • A thermal conductivity 0.78 W (m 2 K).

geri mediniai langai 92 mm Our company is the first company in Lithuania to produce 92 mm thick windows.

  • Glass thickness 48 mm (4*18*4*18*4);
  • The thermal conductivity coefficient of insulating glass is  0.53 W (m2K);
  • A thermal conductivity 0.78 W (m 2 K).

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Due to the rising prices of energy resources, more and more different types of fuels are used for heating buildings. To reduce costs, we offer a warm window, which allows saving on the heating budget for a house or apartment.

Since January 2009 the company "P. Varkojis ir Ko" started producing a new 92 mm thick European standard wooden window. euro92 This window, as most of the European standard windows, open to the inside.

Glass thickness is 48 mm, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of insulating glass is U = 0,5 W / (m² · K). The coefficient U is one of the most important parameters of a window that shows the amount of heat through 1 m² in 1 hour, at the inside and outside temperature difference of 1 K or 1 ºC. The thermal transmittance coefficient U is also important because it is directly proportional to the amount of heat leaving through the window. The lower the ratio, the less energy is needed to heat buildings, the lower heat loss of building structures, less fuel burned, less emission, cheaper building maintenance and so on.

Beams for such window is produced from four-layers glued finger-jointed wood. This results in much better thermal conductivity properties of the window. Windows are painted with the Swedish “Becker Acroma" paint; German “Roto Frank AG” fittings are used for shoeing of the windows. The window thermal transmittance coefficient is 0.78 W / (m · K), the lower the heat transfer coefficient, the more effective window insulation. This our 92 mm thick manufactured window can be used for "passive house." "Passive House" construction is getting more and more popular Lithuania, as it a house which helps to save energy and finances.

Euro Standard 68 mm Windows

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Euro Standard 92 mm Windows

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Scandinavian Windows

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